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About Us

We are not a conventional Bed and Breakfast. We are a group of locals and dreamers who never imagined they could find a place to stay that was moved by this community. Which is why we must explain who we are and what we intend.


Castel Creative Living was created with the aim of creating an authentic, open and inclusive community that will unite to improve everyone's living conditions, seeking to mix life, art and local wisdom with the people who pass through here.

We believe that diversity is the foundation of collective learning. In this space you will find a mix that integrates all members, encourages the participation of all for the well-being of the community, promoting a culture of generational mix. And, not least, to facilitate this exchange we have facilities for stays and two social spaces with a bar.

At Castel Creative Living we work for change by combining tradition and art with the cosmopolitan spirit of our generation that comes and goes, but always wants to stay, not forgetting our roots and respect for our parents and grandparents!

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